About LPAC
North Brookfield Local Public Access Cable is dedicated to bringing quality coverage of local events to town residents at no cost to the tax payer. We believe that a main function of LPAC is keeping the public informed on what is happening in all sections of their extended community. LPAC takes advantage of all available media outlets to accomplish our mission of keeping the public informed of what is happening in their hometown of North Brookfield.

LPAC Staff
Committee Members Production Crew
Jake Anderson (chair) Tina Buzzell
Byron Ake (vice chair) Ray Hebert
Paul LeBlanc Corey Macintosh (manager)
Ellen Smith Stephen Maxwell
Sheila Orsi Kjersten Anderson
Chris Tillotson Erica Tillotson
Nate Gershman
Justin Lareau

Our 2016 Department Report can be found by clicking here.
Our 2017 Department Report can be found by clicking here.

To submit a slide for our bulletin, please email a jpeg or png in a 16:9 format to bulletin@nblpac.org